Measurement time estimator

Cold Surface Spectroscopy Facility

Here you can found an time simulator form to allow you to estimate the time taken for a spectrum and for a complete experiment. You can look at two examples (including the feasability analysis by the TNA manager) :

– 1) measurement of spectral BRDF over wide angle range in the cold room
– 2) measurement of spectra at 7 temperatures in the CarboN-IR cell

When you will contact us, please provide this form with the information filled (blue boxes), as well as any other information (such as a typical spectrum of each material, …)  in order to allow us to estimate the feasability of the measurements and the time necessary for the whole experiment proposed. We will give you a feedback within a coupleof days.

In the form the calculated times are only indicative, especially the values given in ‘days’, because several operations (sample preparation and installation in cold room or cryogenic simulation cell, …) are allowed only during the working times (typically 9:00 – 18:00) although the instrument can measure automatically a full SBRDF (Spectral Bidirectionnal Reflectance Distribution Fonction) over day and night.

Also the calculator did not include (yet) various optimisations (S/N, accuracy, …) that may be necessary depending on the sample size and albedo, the grain size or the quality of data expected.

It may be also necessary to take some time at the beginning to test the preparation and measurement times for special conditions.


Currently the following type of samples are difficult to measure or have limited accuracy in some spectral ranges (but some will be possible later with the future Micro Spectro-Gonio Radiometer)

    • average albedo typically below 0.15 (10%)
    • grain size over a few mm, especially for bright materials
    • material volume below 1cm3 for relatively dark and/or coarse grained materials (>100µm)
    • material volume below 1dm3 for bright and coarse grained materials  (>100µm)
    • bright and very coarse grained, or compact, materials