Prepare your visit

When your visit is approved: how to prepare it ?

All the admin information and files are included in the Documents and procedure TA visit at IPAG you must download and read carefully.
In short:
Before you come
Fill the administrative form: “administrative-form-IPAG_fr-en.docx” Choose your transportation mode/date and your hotel in the list and fill the transport / hotel request form: “Europlanet_IPAG_transport-hotel.docx”
The web site of the laboratory: [>
During your stay
We will first (…)

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How to estimate the necessary sample volume ?

Cold Surface Spectroscopy Facility
The necessary sample volume to fullfill the photometric constraints mainly depends on several parameters: grain size (diameter) , Dg porosity, P reflectance level at the most transparent wavelength, Rm maximum angle of emergence angle of observation, e_max range of azimut of the observations
We use the following rules of thumb (validated on several typical samples) to determine the minimum depth, d, and the minimum diameter, D, of (…)

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